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By Hidden Lakes Dental Care, PC
July 12, 2018
Category: Oral Health

Teeth CleaningDo you receive a dental cleaning every six months? Your oral health may suffer if regular cleanings aren't part of your routine. Our Bolingbrook, IL, dentists Dr. Kathryn Bachinski and Dr. Christine Petrilla offer professional cleanings, checkups and other services you need to care for your smile.

Dental cleanings keep your smile fresh and bright

Every cleaning ends with a polishing session to enhance the appearance of your tooth enamel and remove surface stains that may make your teeth look a little dull. Professional cleanings also free food particles trapped between teeth, freshening your breath.

Cleanings remove cavity-causing plaque

Brushing your teeth twice daily is a simple way to get rid of plaque, but sometimes brushing alone isn't enough. If your teeth overlap, you may not be able to fit your toothbrush bristles into the tight spaces. The longer plaque remains on your teeth, the greater your chance of developing both cavities and gum disease. During cleanings, dental hygienists use special tools that clean plaque from hard-to-reach places.

Regular cleanings may help reduce your gum disease risk

Left on your teeth long enough, plaque turns into a hard deposit known as tartar. The transformation can begin if plaque lingers on your teeth for as little as a week. Tartar, a noticeable brown deposit that appears at the base of teeth, can only be removed with a thorough dental cleaning. If it's not removed promptly, you may be more likely to develop gingivitis, the earliest phase of gum disease. Signs and symptoms of gingivitis include bleeding when you brush and floss, bad breath and red, swollen or receding gums.

Checkups are essential to your oral health

In addition to cleanings, regular visits include an examination by your Bolingbrook dentist. While examining your mouth, she looks for signs of tooth decay, gum disease and other signs of potential problems, such as a crack in a tooth or a loose filling. Your dentist also searches for possible signs of oral cancer, such as lumps and red or white patches in the tissues of your mouth.

Professional cleanings help you keep your smile healthy and bright! Call Bolingbrook, IL, dentists Drs. Kathryn Bachinski and Christine Petrilla at (630) 759-0077 to schedule your appointment.