What To Do If Your Veneers Break

By Hidden Lakes Dental Care, PC
November 16, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry   Veneers  

A broken dental veneer can be stressful, but we are here to tell you exactly how to handle this situation.

You just got dental veneers and aren’t you happy with the results? It’s amazing how these little restorations can do such big things for veneersyour smile. While veneers are made from porcelain, which is pretty amazingly durable, it doesn’t mean that it can’t still be damaged. And if you do end up experiencing a broken dental veneer, our Bolingbrook, IL dentists, Dr. Charles Crowl and Dr. Kathryn Bachinski, are here to tell you how to handle the situation.

First thing’s first: You want to handle your veneers with care. If a veneer has broken into pieces you’ll want to be careful, as you don’t want the veneer to break further and you certainly don’t want to accidentally swallow any pieces.

If the veneer has come off in one piece take a look at it and see if it’s still completely intact. A veneer that isn’t damage and has just popped off can often be rebonded by our Bolingbrook general dentist. However, as you may already be able to surmise, if the veneer has come off in pieces then the veneer is broken and will need to be completely replaced.

If a piece of the veneer still remains of your teeth this piece could be sharp and cause irritation to your gums. To prevent this from happening you can easily find dental wax at your nearby drugstore. This wax is the same kind used to prevent wire irritation in those who wear braces, but it will work just as perfectly for a broken, jagged veneer.

Regardless of whether your veneer broke off in pieces or just came off fully intact it’s important that you visit us right away so that we can either replace your veneers or bond the veneer back to your tooth. Since enamel has been removed from your natural tooth, some people experience some sensitivity. You can also apply this same dental wax to the area to protect the tooth and reduce your sensitivity until you can come into our office.

Whether you want to get cosmetic dentistry in Bolingbrook, IL or you have a dental emergency, turn to the dental experts at Hidden Lakes Dental Care. We are here to make sure that your smile stays healthy for the rest of your life.