Give Your Smile New Life with Veneers

By Hidden Lakes Dental Care
May 10, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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If you feel that your smile has begun to lack in its luster, you are not alone. Many people consider their smile to be their best first impression and feel that it is important and confidence-boosting to have teeth they love. Luckily, dental veneers can renew your teeth and give new life to your smile. Learn more about dental veneers with help from your Bolingbrook, IL dentists at Hidden Lakes Dental VeneersCare.

The History of Veneers
Veneers were originally created in the 1930s for Hollywood movies, allowing actors to truly get into character, all the way down to their teeth. Actors then began to use veneers to craft the perfect Hollywood smile for short-term public appearances, covering the imperfections in their teeth to seem more glamorous for the red carpet. The process was perfected in the 1980s, which allowed dentists to bond the veneers to patients’ teeth to improve their smiles permanently.

How do veneers work? 
Veneers are super-thin wafers of porcelain which fit over the front of the teeth to mask their imperfections. A dental laboratory needs several weeks to fabricate the veneers, meaning the process usually requires two dental appointments. Veneers fix many problems, including:

  • chipped teeth
  • cracked teeth
  • stained teeth
  • yellowed teeth
  • slightly overlapped teeth
  • slightly gapped teeth

Though veneers correct these problems, they cannot take the place of orthodontic treatment when teeth are severely over or under crowded. They also cannot replace proper treatment for tooth decay or other dental problems. Your dentist can help you determine if veneers are right for your situation.

The Veneer Process
Dental veneers begin with tooth preparation where you Bolingbrook, IL dentist shaves a tiny amount of enamel from the surface of the tooth to make room for the porcelain restoration. The preparation process makes porcelain veneers a permanent, non-reversible dental procedure. A dental laboratory creates the veneers individually, customizing them based on a mold of your mouth and color-matching them to your surrounding natural teeth.

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